Would you marry a man you’d just met at the altar?

As someone who met their life partner on a blind date I have always loved the idea of matches being made for people. So, when I first dreamed up the Marriage at First Sight series I had no idea how problematic it could be. We have couples who are destined to be together—on paper and by computer and through much analysis, they are each the other’s perfect match. Simple. Or so I thought.

In VENGEFUL VOWS, Peyton Earnshaw, is a successful features journalist with a difficult past and revenge on her mind. Galen Horvath, CEO of Horvath Hotels and Resorts, is a knight in shining armor whose focus is on protecting his family and the future security of his new ward at all costs. When they clash, they clash spectacularly, especially when the object of Peyton’s revenge, Galen’s grandmother, is revealed to him.

I do hope you enjoy this instalment in my series and, if you haven’t already, do check out the previous two books, TANGLED VOWS and INCONVENIENTLY WED.

Best wishes and happy reading!



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“This is such a heartwarming read. I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down. It is a standalone, but I suggest reading the other books in the series because each of these stories are so magical. Ms. Lindsay is a wonderful storyteller who always brings the emotion out in her characters. I’ve got to say I shed a few tears with this book.  ”
~ Judy, Goodreads Review

Best wishes, Yvonne