Lending a hand

Many people cringe and rear back in horror when asked to volunteer for an organisation. I’ve been guilty of that too. But what I believe a lot of people don’t realise, is that ‘Lending a Hand’ is a two-way street and you can get out what you put in.

I’ve never worked on a committee without being enriched by the experience in one way or another. Being either an active office holder, or a background committee member just there to help out when required, has opened so many new doors of opportunity. When you’re involved, you show you care. When you’re involved, you show you’re serious. When you’re involved, you have the opportunity to meet and make terrific new friends, liaise directly with marketing staff, editors, authors… you name it! The sky’s the limit. And all simply because you’re ‘Lending a Hand’.

What has this got to do with your writing, you ask? Well, wouldn’t you rather know that when your manuscript goes across an editorial desk that your name will give a heads up signal to the editor because she’s already met you, or spoken to you on business relating to your romance organisation, or sat next to you and enjoyed a wonderful discussion over a meal at conference? Wouldn’t you like to be able to reach out and, without embarrassment or fear of overstepping the mark, be able to ask writing advice directly from published authors whom you admire?

Wouldn’t you like to know that because of your contribution to your organisation that it will continue to run and continue to offer you and your fellow members opportunities to enter competitions and have the chance to have your work judged by experienced writers and readers and see your read by an editor?

What’s holding you back? Time? Passion? Shyness?

Many hands make light work in continuing to run an organisation such as Romance Writers of New Zealand, Romance Writers of Australia and Romance Writers of America, and its various chapters, in a professional and respected manner. I’m proud to be a member of those organisations. I’m also proud to have worked both in the background and the foreground within RWNZ Inc. in past years.

Why don’t you ask yourself, “What can I bring to my organisation? How can I lighten the load?” Then get in contact with your organisation or chapter president, and see where you could be ‘Lending a Hand’.